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How is Round Leather Cord produced?

Leather strips are run through a rein rounder, a tool, to create a round leather cord. An instrument with a sharp edge and a hole in the center is called a rein rounder. When a piece of leather is drawn through a hole, the sections that are bigger than the blade of the hole are removed, leaving a piece of leather that is the same thickness as the hole. Let's examine each phase, starting at the beginning and ending at the end.

Cut Leather Hide Into Thin Strips
A huge, flat hide is first sliced into strips of thin, flat leather. To optimize the length of the strip being cut, they are sliced in a way that makes it as long as feasible. A spiral cutting machine is frequently used for this, producing lengthy lengths of flat leather string.
Through the rein rounder, pull the leather strip

After that, a rein rounder is used to draw the leather strip through. The rein rounder may have one hole, many holes, or holes of various diameters. The diameter of the completed circular leather cord might vary depending on the size chosen. For particular undertakings at home, depending on the cord thickness and requirements, this can be done by hand.

Join the Leather Cord
The initial length of the leather rope will be equal to that of the leather strip it was created from. A lengthy length of circular leather cord, similar to a thread, might be useful for lacing or attaching leather pieces. In this situation, chord lengths can be connected at the ends to create a much longer length of leather cable.

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