I feel like RuneScape's success these days is predicated on two things

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I feel like RuneScape's success these days is predicated on two things

I feel like RuneScape's success these days is predicated on two things: nostalgia and being a successful game. I am of the view that many of RuneScape players today, if they were younger had they never played with it, would never provide RuneScape an RS gold opportunity since the gameplay loop is really dull and time consuming for very little payoff. That's where the gap is filled by nostalgia since you know you like the end game and you're going to put up with all the crap. A new player being advised that there is 100 hours of tedious grinding position between them and end game PvE articles (at a bare minimum) is going to be very reluctant to begin playingwith.

A portion of RuneScape is your ability to show off. This is really where my point comes in. People want to grind for those goals like capes, max capes, and 120s because you are rewarded with a banner you can throw on your back that says'Look how cool I am'. Because RuneScape is popular those goals have worth. Who gives a shit if no one's there to view it if you get to a max career level? If RuneScape lost its playerbase overnight I can guarantee people would not feel inclined to reach these goals if there's no one to compete and show off. That why it is so difficult to get a'new'RuneScape to eliminate the ground. You will need the playerbase to create RuneScapeplay attractive. Since RuneScapeplay does not stand up on its own, you do not get that playerbase, and RuneScape gets nowhere.Came across the Afternoon went through old Emails Jagex nuked RuneScape

Player here. The improvements they've made throughout the years warrants giving it another chance, although EOC had a launch that is demanding. It allowed for bosses to become exceptionally challenging without the appropriate skills, so that it makes for profitability the better that the PvMer somebody is. I recommend giving it a chance. I have heard similar feedback and might be interested in giving it a try, but RS3 is so overloaded with MTX that it's preventing me from doing this. Looking at RuneScape for almost any quantity of time provides me attention cancer together with the overload of UI elements, and players with shit.

Expanding with this response every time I login rs3 it just doesn't even feel as though RuneScape much anymore, armours look odd, half nude chicks with large fairy bands and shit. Oh and people walking round like somethings or a zombie. That's only a few things I have seen and I think wtf is going on here. Definitely it's pretty disorienting with just how much things have changed. I suspect however once you figure out what everything is you would get used to it.

By playing as an Ironman, the Mtx is eliminated. I have considered it and that is probably how I will go about it, should I do end up biting the bullet. The problem is that (as far as I understand )I can't make one of my existing accounts an ironman, so I would need to pay for an excess membership rather than utilizing one of my existing accounts. Interesting. How does this work? Is not it somewhat absurd for somebody make their accounts and then to cheap OSRS gold max an ironman? I supposed you may make your OSRS account being used by an RS3 Ironman. You can't turn it in an ironman, if you made an main then no.