I actually really do not understand what they're doing

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I actually really do not understand what they're doing

Please, someone tell me that they did not make a skill and not have the ability to make stuff for it subsequently. I might be wrong, but I read it as"we don't have the capability to make Archaeology size articles frequently", such as how some players thought we'd be RS gold receiving a huge update every 3-4 weeks to make up for the months of no content. Otherwise I have no clue what"level content" means. We've had like 4 or 3 upgrades this year, if that. And no, I'm not counting on events as upgrades. Inside my mind a business like. Literally does not add up. I know covid was a bit of a spanner in the works, to put it gently, but even then. I actually really do not understand what they're doing.

Pretty certain they moved a vast majority of their devs over to this unannounced game they are working on. RS3 appears to be running with a team at this point. Can not wait for"Jagex game which isn't RuneScape, quantity 43" to flop. I think they had a strategy with RuneScape mobile to be the next hot investment for them. But then I believe they ended up overbudget and hugely drunk, such that I think that it's pure sunk price and they are just chasing it to shed less, I guess? I can't imagine the amount of effort they spent into mobile will really pay off when OSRS phone moved and came for all intents and purposes.

I mean that they destroyed parts of their desktop client for cellular. The good thing was getting rid of Java, which isn't even a net with just how much bugs continue to be in the NXT client that weren't present for the Java one favorable. That's what happens when a lot of your engine devs that are important are stuck working on a project for a long time lol. OSRS obtained the mobile version from the way. I mean when we get some new blood playing runescape as on a telephone it may compete with shit like raid shadow legends lol it might actually be the most beneficial thing for RuneScape at a long time. Like the miniclip boom.

I mean, OSRS tried and failed. Their amounts spiked then returned to pre-mobile. All it really does after each one the mobile audience leaves is give a means to get vets to AFK more content for longer periods of time, which I figure promotes concurrent players, but isn't the type of activity you actually need to view in an MMO. It's an MMO, yet everyone treats it like an Idle game.

The new skill in OsRs should be an ability like something or merchanting. Since it is I never play with either game on cellular since the single logical time to play it is through my work breaks and they do not allow you to show the current time in RuneScape match on mobile so I would be at risk of losing track of time.RS3 certainly has a bigger team than OSRS though. But at the rate at it could change lol. OSRS staff is about 40 people dedicated to cheap RuneScape gold RuneScape currently, there are individuals at Jagex involved with it naturally.