I have preordered just one game in the past ten years or so

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I have preordered just one game in the past ten years or so

I have preordered just one game in the past ten years or so.FF7R. Assassin's Creed place a bad taste in my mouth with how meticulous it obtained that I chased off the clinic and if I reeeeeally desire something I will buy it a couple of months afterwards. As it is Not one of the dribble the studios are putting out is worth $60. Considering that the NBA 2K MT Coins PS2, what I consider the golden age of gaming, they've focused more on shinier toys instead of better ones. I don't care about VR or 4k or whatever. I have had my tv for 8 years. So that it's a marketing gimmick, it does not do 4k. My pc screen? 12 years of age. Until they refocus and make deep, enjoyable very good games instead of CoD 20, CoD knockoff 14, The Show 21, Skyrim remastered again, etc.

I'm not sure the industry can survive in its current form. Little gems such as Life is Unusual or Overcooked could be done for a fraction of the budget and be just as if not.more fun at $20 and wind up making them money since they can make them a little faster. Average consumer is about 30 years old, great variety of tastes and great dialogue potential. I really don't think it's age. It is mind set. I have met impulsive consumerist 50 year olds who'd never subscribe to the individual gamer mind set. I've also met 18 year olds that are all about that life.

I am aware this isn't the main point being made in the video, but I do want to bring this up since it was mentioned at least twice- I really believe in cases like this phrases such as"free to play economy" or"freemium" economy should not. well, be used - in cases like this or differently. To the layman, this implies that those kinds of economies are not manipulative and predatory or some of the for doing the manipulative and predatory items they do, they're those things because they do them on top of an original cost instead of being in NBA 2K21 with no cost at which it would be acceptable.

I think that type of downplays just how toxic these economies are in almost any game, free or otherwise, and if this price increase really is going to be the norm, then the sooner people come around to that, the better, otherwise you can bet we'll have people trying to shield $80 base costs on top of loot boxes, season moves, gachas, and the rest come the PS6.

But that's what it is. Perhaps the term has been around long enough and the business bullshit practices have undermined what it used to be, but"free to play economy" is precisely as the line states. From what I have seen, it was basically games which were free to get, and also the economy provided tiers of play and additions that fleshed out the buy 2K MT full game. In my experience, these were rampant first in mobile games, and progressively more and more with MMOs who were not meeting expectations. Low subscription numbers or content problems? Start carving things away and declare yourself"free to play"