The 8 Best Smart Door Locks to keep your Home

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The 8 Best Smart Door Locks to keep your Home

You’re driving to work, or you’re heading to the airport. You’re standing in line for coffee or about to pick the kids up from school when suddenly a worry pops up into the back of your head.To get more news about wifi Fingerprint Smart Door lock, you can visit official website.

You think back on when you left the house or the office. You try to think about every move you made while leaving. Yet nothing stands out. So now you’re worried about the security of everything inside the house.“What if someone tries to rob the house? They could walk right in!”
At this point, your mind is playing tricks on you and now you’re sure the house or office is unlocked and anyone walking past might be a potential thief. If only you had a way to check the lock on your door without driving across town or calling a friend to stop by.

Smart technology has improved significantly in recent years. It’s possible to control just about everything in your house, in some shape or form, with smart technology. In terms of your home or office door lock, you can still control it as you would a normal lock, and yet you have the added security of locking or unlocking the door from your phone.

But with so many smart doors locks now on the market, which is right for you? Here are the eight best smart door locks for your home and office, plus how each can improve your overall feeling of security (while helping you avoid those sudden feelings of panic as you’ll never again wonder if you left the house unlocked).
1. Smart Home Integration

You ideally want to control your smart home from a single service. This means integrating it with your digital assistant such as Amazon’s Alexa, Google Assistant, and to a lesser extent, Apple’s Siri (although Siri has significantly fallen behind in the world of smart technology).

While not of critical importance, the ability to integrate the smart door lock with the rest of your IoT (Internet of Things) devices is convenient, so it is something to consider.

  1. Price

You’re investing in a door lock that connects to your home or office’s Wi-Fi network. With the added technology it will cost more than your standard deadbolt.Just how much more depends on a number of factors, specifically the tech built into the lock. You’ll likely spend anywhere from $100 to $500 for a smart door lock. You just need to decide how much you’re willing to spend ahead of time.

  1. Unlocking Features

Lock and keys have been around for thousands of years. While key security has improved dramatically, the basic concept of a lock and the accompanying key is the same. With a smart door lock, you have the ability to move past this method of locking.

Some smart door locks will still use a key, or at least feature a key aspect to it. Others rely completely on a fingerprint scanner or a digital door code. You should consider these different unlocking features when shopping around.
4. Installation

Installing a smart door lock is different from a traditional door lock. While not necessarily a deterring factor, before buying a lock you should determine whether it’s something you can install on your own, or whether it’s better to have a professional come out and install the equipment (they can also help you set up the smart features, if this is something you need help with).