Forever Candles’ refill concept shakes up luxury home fragrance space

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Forever Candles’ refill concept shakes up luxury home fragrance space

New brand Forever Candles is seeking to combine sustainability and luxury with its refillable candles. The brand’s first product is a limited-edition, La Maison dans les Bois.To get more news about wholesale candle jars, you can visit official website.

With a price point that is more accessible than most luxury candles, French brand Forever Candles is also positioning itself to be more sustainable thanks to its refill concept. Rather than buying a new candle at the end of its lifetime, the kit allows consumers to refill the porcelain candle jar multiple times at home.
Each pack contains a porcelain candle jar, a sachet of wax flakes (enough to make three candles) and a porcelain pot in which to melt them, two porcelain wick holders, to keep the wick in place while the wax hardens, and three wicks.
Forever Candles’ white glazed porcelain jars are handmade using the cast molding technique, in which the liquid porcelain is poured into molds and then dried, glazed and fired. Paperboard boxes house the candle jars, while the wax flakes come in paper and aluminum packs (Flexie) to protect them from heat and light. The candle fragrance is produced in Grasse, France, and the brand uses soy wax and cotton wicks made in Spain.

Forever Candles has launched with La Maison dans les Bois, a scent with notes of cedarwood and patchouli. Just 300 of the limited-edition are available. A kit with its porcelain container retails at €54, while a refill of three candles costs €30.

New products are in the pipeline, including a floral scent evocative of the Italian countryside.