Best Luxury Scented Candles To Burn All Year Long

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Best Luxury Scented Candles To Burn All Year Long

Candles have always been a self-care go-to, and over the past two years, they’ve become even more intertwined with our daily just-for-me rituals. Candles are accessible, easy and cost-effective ways to transform your environment into something special.To get more news about candle jars wholesale, you can visit official website.

And if you’re looking to veer into very special territory — including around the holidays when we’re craving nostalgia, peaceful vibes or the fresh, fruity or floral numbers as summer approaches — flaring up that luxury candle nestled inside an Instagram-worthy decorative glass vessel will instantly elevate the moment.
Not to mention, luxury candles make incredible gifts for others and yourself (hello, self-care!), especially from luxury candle brands, like Cire Trudon, Byredo, Le Labo, Diptyque, Boy Smells and Nest New York. They’re a fail-safe Mother’s Day gift while candle gifts are great for a vast range of sophisticated women in your life (aka the ones who enjoy a signature perfume or beauty product), from the wellness junkies who would die for a palo santo scent, to the fashion forward who love a decorative vessel maybe even more than the fragrance, to women who simply revel in luxury. But we also know our fair share of men who adore a masculine, woodsy home fragrance, too.
You’ll know a luxury candle when you see one, because every detail, from the scent to the packaging to even where you purchase it, like a high-end spa, is a dead giveaway. A luxury candle scent has more refined ingredients and a higher concentration of oils than ordinary candles, meaning they’re deeply fragrant and last longer. Their fragrance profiles are also more complex, requiring more notes than your average candle, as well as strategic layering of such notes to ensure they blend together beautifully and seamlessly. Plus, the luxury candle vessels are usually decorated to the nines, housed in glossy containers or decked out with letter-pressed labels. And if you can’t pick just one (who could blame you?), jump into the gift-giving spirit by purchasing a spa gift basket or set that has two or more.

As spring and Mother’s Day approach, we’d bet that we’re all looking to show mom a little extra comfort, extravagance and ease — and one of the best aspects of a luxury candle is that it offers immediate gratification. Once the wick is lit, you’ll have hours upon hours of enjoyment. In fact, some luxury brands offer candles with up to 70 hours of burn time. So if you’re wavering on purchasing a luxury candle because of the sticker shock, just know that you’ll get more joy for a longer period of time than you would with a less expensive, faster burning candle that will need to be replaced more quickly.

And even if don’t see yourself as a “candle person,” these merry little luxuries just might convert you. Ahead, we compiled the 26 best luxury candles that look like pieces of art and smell absolutely amazing — whether it emits the aroma of a fresh garden of flowers, a fun fruity cocktail, a crackling fireplace or somewhere in between. Pick your favorite ahead.

“I think people resonate with the rich narratives, names and expanded world that go with each of our fragrances,” says David Moltz, who co-founded D.S. Durga with his wife, Kavi. Each luxury candle is crafted using plant oils, balsams and resins, then hand-poured in their Brooklyn studio. This sophisticated and spicy blend of cardamom, frankincense, fig, cedar and saffron was inspired by the revered fig tree of Siddhartha and will burn strong for about 60 hours.

Founded in 1643, the French brand Cire Trudon is the oldest and most illustrious candlemaker in the world, creating candles for the French royal family, including the court of Louis XIV, and famous cathedrals throughout the country. Housed in a thick, olive green glass vessel with their signature bright gold plaque, Abd El Kader was inspired by the tea and tobacco from the Arabian Ouled Naïl tribe with notes of blackcurrant, clove, mint, jasmine and vanilla for a fragrance that smells like warm, full-bodied Moroccan mint tea.

With more than 8,000 reviews on Amazon, it’s safe to say this classic luxury candle from Nest New York is a fan favorite. “I purchased the 3-wick Bamboo scent and it is hands down the best candle I’ve ever purchased,” writes one reviewer. “The bamboo smells like the most beautiful garden you could walk through. The scent is clean, like fresh flowers from a fragrant garden, and the packaging is beautiful.”

One of the most well-known and beloved luxury candle brands, Diptyque offers a vast collection of candles that are perfect for lighting up year-round as well as their highly anticipated seasonal masterpieces. Baies, the French word for berries, is a floral-fruity hybrid and ranks as the brand’s best seller, with wafts of Bulgarian roses blended with blackcurrant leaves and buds, topped with ambergris.

This stunning candle from Jo Malone London is the epitome of English grace, with each candle hand-crafted in a converted dairy on Lord Cowdray’s estate in the lush countryside. Kate Middleton chose a Jo Malone London scent for her wedding day fragrance, and this juicy, fruity fragrance, accentuated with spicy woods and pink pepper, is both intense and lighthearted.

It’s hard not to fall in love with the Boy Smells Kush candle. Paying homage to the energizing and bold cannabis flower, the instantly recognizable scent presents as warm, fresh and floral. You’ll immediately smell the top notes of cannabis leaf, lemon peel and rhubarb, before melting into almond, tulip sage and eucalyptus. Let it burn for a bit, then watch the fragrance party begin as the scent evolves into a heady mix of suede, musk and amber.