Best Scented Candles to Elevate Your Space

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Best Scented Candles to Elevate Your Space

Much like twinkle lights and incense, scented candles have a unique way of warming up a living room (or an entire apartment) that feels comforting no matter what time of year it is. Sure, some folks tend to think of candles as special treats during the holiday season, but who's to say you can't indulge in a beautiful one come March? The coziness factor aside, candles are an instant way to make your space smell amazing and set a vibe.To get more news about Glass Candle Jars Wholesale, you can visit official website.

And these days, the options out there are abundant. Perfumers are playing with all kinds of scent combinations and accords that go far beyond the usual. We're talking lake water, fresh air — even the smell of a bubble bath can be captured with the right mix of ingredients. It's a bonafide fragrance revolution, and you can bring it right into your home or, if you're the gifting type, someone else's.
It doesn't matter whether you're a fan of fresh and herbaceous scents, fruity and floral fragrances, or musky smells — the fact is, there are so many stellar options on the market that you're bound to find several that fit your fancy. And let's say you do find yourself gravitating to a certain genre of scents (I'm looking at you, gourmand girlies). If you're willing to go out of your comfort zone, we promise you'll make a discovery that has you thinking, "now, why did I ever count out those types of fragrances?"

But before you go on your aromatherapy journey, let us give you a little guidance by sharing some of our favorites. These are the best scented candles to compliment any season or room. They come in a wide array of unique smells — plus, they'll look super pretty sitting on your vanity or side table.Fresh is the word. Otherland's coconut-and-soy wax-based Verdant Verve Candle lives up to its name with its notes of oakmoss and neroli. But the kicker here is the thyme, which adds a bright, herbal punch to the mix, invigorating any room you choose to light it in.

We love a strong scent, but if you want something with a more subtle presence, Joya Studios and the Museum of Peace Quiet created the perfect candle for just that. This blend of saffron, cedar, jasmine, oud, and powdery amber is soft, clean-smelling, and won't compete with any other scents in your house.

It's not a smell you'll notice immediately — but it's not nonexistent either. It'll have your space smelling like an upscale spa, the kind that burns candles for people who are sensitive to scent. It's not the boldest fragrance, but it's definitely the chillest. We'd suggest lighting this one in a bedroom, bathroom, or any smaller space you don't want to be overwhelmed with fragrance.
Nest's Grapefruit Candle smells like straight-up sunshine in a jar. OK, fine, the sun might not actually have a smell, but if it did, we bet this is what it would smell like. Zesty, uplifting, and slightly sweet, it's impossible to feel sad while burning this candle. (No wonder Nest has made a name for itself as one of the most prolific candle brands on the market.)

Y'all smell that? Musta been the wind… and by that, we mean this candle. If you can count on FORVR Mood for anything, it's great home scents and fabulous names to match. This one, from the brand's Spring 2022 collection, is just the right amount of fruity with top notes of blackberry, peach, and cassis. But it's not too sweet — violet, pansy, and jasmine add a floral touch to the overall scent, anchored by raspberry vanilla, patchouli, and musk.

White Barn Laundry Day Candle
You can always count on Bath and Body Works for great-smelling affordable home scents and Laundry Day, from the brand's White Barn candle collection, deserves a spot in your collection. This scent, which our editors love, smells exactly like it sounds: linens, hot out of the dryer, hanging on the line, or folded neatly in a basket. Eucalyptus and lavender combine with a "fresh air" note that is so wonderful, you'll never want to blow this three-wick candle out.

Boy Smells Cashmere Kush
Boy Smells's Kush candles are perpetual best-sellers, but this Cashmere iteration, which employs tulip, cashmere wood, and powdery musk, is a softer, slightly less earthy option for those who might not want the stank (in a good way) intensity of the cannabis flower note.

Mala Milk Sugar Candle
Gourmand fans, listen up, because Mala's Milk + Honey candle is here to make your whole house smell like a cookie shop. Vanilla, cinnamon, and cream combine in a scent that smells good enough to eat. Nab a small four-ounce can or if you really love it, upgrade to an eight or 16-ounce version.