XLS-Medical Ultra 5 Weight Loss Capsules

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XLS-Medical Ultra 5 Weight Loss Capsules - Reduces Calories Absorbed from Dietary Fats - Lose Up to 5x more Weight - With Okranol as Active Ingredient - 84 Capsules

XLS-Medical Ultra 5 - Up to 5x more weigh loss Reach your goals with XLS-Medical Ultra 5. It is clinically proven to help you lose up to 5x more weight than dieting alone.* It’s made with Okranol, a natural fibre complex that is clinically proven to bind dietary fats from your food, forming a fat fibre complex that is too large to be absorbed by the body. This fat-fibre complex leaves the body naturally, helping to reduce body weight and existing body fat. Ultra 5 can also lower your BMI, reduce existing body fat, reduce cms around the hips and waist, and show results after the first month. Ingredients Okranol™, a patented fibre complex of natural plant sources. Excipients: Crospovidone, citric acid, tricalcium phosphate and magnesium stearate. Excipients: Crospovidone, citric acid, tricalcium phosphate and magnesium stearate. XLS-Medical Ultra 5 is suitable for vegetarians, has no added artificial flavourings or preservatives, and is free from laxatives! Directions Take two tablets 3 times a day immediately after each meal with water (breakfast, lunch and dinner). Do not exceed 6 tablets daily. Taking XLS-Medical Ultra 5 should be viewed as part of an overall weight management plan. Safety Warning XLS-Medical Ultra 5 is not a meal replacement. Use the product in combination with sufficient exercise and healthy food. Only recommended for adults over 18 years of age. The use of this product by adolescents 12-18 years old is subject to the supervision of healthcare professionals. Do not take XLS-Medical Ultra 5 during pregnancy or whilst breastfeeding, if your BMI is below 18.5, or within 2 hours of taking any fat-soluble vitamins or medicines (e.g. oral contraceptive pills). Please consult your healthcare professional before taking if you have any medical condition. Please read the enclosed product leaflet before using this product. Keep out of reach and sight of children. You can buy XLS-Medical Max Strength without a prescription.