Where is Your Favourite Karaoke Spot in Melbourne?

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Where is Your Favourite Karaoke Spot in Melbourne?

Karaoke is a fun occasion to catch up with old friends, meet new friends and sing your favourite songs. In Western culture, karaoke is usually found in public spaces such as pubs and bars. However in countries like China and Japan, karaoke is typically done in cosier rooms, with a group of friends rather than strangers.To get more news about Karaoke CBD Melbourne, you can visit starsktv.com.au official website.

One of my favourite things about Melbourne is that it offers a variety of Asian styled karaoke with extensive song lists in Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese, Korean, English and more. Daytime and night time karaoke also draws different crowds, and here we will focus on where you can go for cheap daytime karaoke, rather than the more expensive, more alcohol involved night time options.
We recently visited KBox, on La Trobe street. KBox is a well established international brand. It offers happy hour specials for $18 per person including two drinks per person. You can check regular rates online.
There was a good selection of hot drinks to cold milk teas, juices, and soft drinks. The range of Chinese and English songs were also good. However, we weren't happy with the difficult to use song selection program and the unpleasant sound system which made high pitched, scratchy sounds particularly loud.
A well known name worldwide, Partyworld is another international brand with branches in countries such as China and Singapore. The CBD Partyworld is conveniently located in level 3 Melbourne Central and is a popular option for karaoke goers.

Previously there was an $18 per person happy hour option from 1pm to 6pm but now payment is based on time of day and room size. The cheapest option is to go in the afternoon, and a small room accommodation for about five people starts from $58 (see room rates).

Partyworld has good song selections, especially in Chinese songs, an easy to use touch screen system, comfortable rooms and sound systems. As with most karaoke places, if you pay $58 for the room, you also can order $58 worth of food or drinks. There is a good range of above average (for a karaoke place) snacks, fried rice, noodles and other dishes.

Music Box Karaoke

Music Box is a less well known place on 547 Elizabeth St. One of our favourite karaoke spots, with a fantastic rate of $10 per person from 3:30pm to 8pm. The rooms aren't as clean or fancy as Partyworld but the place is great for value for money, solid singing. The $10 also includes $10 worth of snacks or drinks, and the song selection system and range is also comparable to Partyworld.