Custom Printed Ice Cream Cone Sleeve - A Cost-Effective Way of Packaging Waffle Cones

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The unique designs of these custom waffle cone sleeves are beneficial to attract more customers when they are displayed in the retail stores.

Do you think that providing elegant packaging to waffle cones is difficult? Since the invention of ice cream, the most difficult task has been to hold the ice cream and prevent it from melting. Because the demand for ice cream is increasing every day, the competition has tightened. During the summer, people adore cone sleeves and wear them frequently.

It comes in a variety of flavours, including strawberry, berry, chocolate, and vanilla. Additionally, one can order the desired flavour and delectable custom ice cream cones with stunning and aesthetically designed couture. The custom-printed ice cream cone sleeve will be the best option for the brands to provide a unique and alluring packaging to the waffle cones.

Custom Printed Ice Cream Cone Sleeve

The ice cream cone jackets are the best way to present the ice cream uniquely. They are beneficial to enhancing the charm of custom printed ice cream cone sleeve and are also beneficial to protecting the ice cream cones. Nobody on the face of the earth can deny their fondness for ice cream. This smooth delight is available in a variety of flavours and blends.

Ice cream is enjoyed by people of all ages and can be enjoyed anywhere and at any time. When it comes to eating ice cream, the cone sleeve in which it is packaged holds a great deal of significance. We create the amazing and vivid cone sleeves to pull in the ideal interest group, with a wide range of flavours ready.

How to Pick up the right Custom Printed Ice Cream Cone Sleeve?

If you own a business and want to provide premium packaging to your waffle cones in a cost-effective way. You should have made sure a few required features to ensure high-quality packaging.


The custom-printed ice cream cone sleeve is made of paper, which is a strong and long-lasting material. Similarly, the pressure and force applied to this paper are easily absorbed. This paper can keep custom food and beverage boxes fresh by preventing moisture from entering the box. These features are beneficial to add more glance to the ice cream cones.

Beautify the Custom Printed Ice Cream Cone Sleeve

When it comes to Custom Printing Cone Sleeves, we require a paper that is both strong and durable. It must be able to withstand the pressure while maintaining the freshness of the cones. This paper must be of sufficient quality to keep moisture out of the air. A sparkling, matte finish is stunning, increasing the value of the cone and increasing sales. You can be more creative with the layout and design of the Custom Cone Sleeves with Logo. You have the option of having micro designs on the sleeves or having a huge pattern on the sleeves. Matte, glitter, silk, and other brilliant colours are among the vibrant colours. You can also add multiple coatings such as the Matte Coating, the Gloss Coatings, and the Spot UV.

Optimal Protection

The ice cream cone jackets are made up of two strong materials, kraft and cardboard. The cardboard material is composed of such a substance that it can be readily molded into any shape; as a result, it is simple to make the perfect shape of the ice cream cone packaging sleeve with this material. The most common thickness of this material is 14pt, but because ice cream cones have a delicate body, you can reduce the thickness of the cardboard to make it suitable for the ice cream cone sleeves. Furthermore, because of its environmentally favourable features, most brands prefer kraft. This is a biodegradable substance.


The custom-printed ice cream cone sleeve is the best way to present the ice cream cones in an alluring appearance. These cone sleeves are beneficial to promote the brand to attract more customers. You may also personalise these ice cream cone sleeves to make them look more appealing. These cone sleeve materials made of paper are also excellent for providing optimal protection.