Among the big new features for NBA 2K21 about the PS5

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Anderson will be making his broadcast debut alongside Grant Hill, Allie LaForce and a sideline reporter. Anderson will make his debut with the broadcast crew alongside Allie LeForce and Grant Hill NBA 2K MT Coins. While I'm not sure anyone complains about Anthony, Harlan or Aldridge generally, it's not difficult to appreciate the addition of fresh voices.

My preference is to not focus on the video's gameplay. It doesn't matter whether you view it on your phone or PC. It's hard to know the sensation until you actually experience it. However... to what its worth, it looks just as it appears. The lob Lonzo Ball of the Pelicans throw to Zion over Steph was extremely fluid, and even though it was regular (I throw a lot of shots on the pick and roll) the lob did not feel forced.

What I mean by that is that in the recent games, it's felt like players are locked into specific animations, however this one just felt like Curry happened to be playing there and was taken aback by the athleticism of Zion.

Two things that we won't realize until we actually experience the game is how much we can change the settings while keeping the game fluid. In the video, I believe they were playing at a speed of 50 Buy NBA 2K21 MT. However, I personally increase it only a little to 60-65 just because it feels more authentic.