Brompton's new super-light folding e-bike solves my two big commuting problems

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Brompton's new super-light folding e-bike solves my two big commuting problems

Brompton's new super-light folding e-bike solves my two big commuting problems

If you're a daily commuter on one of the best folding e-bikes(opens in new tab), you know how much heavier they can be than a conventional folding bike. While great tools to take the sweat out of cycling, you might end up breaking that sweat after lugging it onto trains and up stairs. To get more news about ebike for sale, you can visit official website.

Brompton's new Electric P-Line(opens in new tab) announced this week its billed as a lightweight e-bike perfect for commuting. Not only can you arrive at work looking fresh as a daisy after the motor takes the effort out of cycling, but at 12.7kgs without the detachable battery pack and 15.6kgs with it, it's incredibly easy to ferry around town.To get more news about e bike, you can visit official website.

The Electric P-Line has the same four-speed single-level gear system previously seen on Brompton's analog T-Line and P-Line models, and Brompton's typical Advanced Suspension block. However, what's new is the "refined geometry" frame design which helps to reduce weight and the smart torque sensor in the bottom bracket.The bike is said to fold up in 20 seconds flat, and the detachable battery pack can be charged from any conventional plug. The 250-kWh hub motor offers speeds of 25km per hour, and that detachable battery offers a range of up to 70km on a single charge. To get more news about electric bike, you can visit official website.

If you're running low on power, you can simply roll into work, remove the battery, and plug it in at a nearby mains socket. You'll then be able to return home on a full charge.

The only drawback? Prices start at £3,695 in Brompton's native UK(opens in new tab), on the pricier end for a commuter e-bike. The bike will soon be able to pre-order in the US, although the price has yet to be disclosed. The Electric P-Line doesn't reinvent the wheel for Brompton: it's a continuation of the company's design philosophy in a slightly lighter package. When the battery's loaded in only around two kilos lighter than the Electric C-Line(opens in new tab), with the same top speed.

However, the lighter, more efficient bike frame adds around 30km to its range, which makes a huge difference and almost doubles the amount of time needed between charges. That alone would be a nice selling point, but it's barely mentioned in the press material we were able to find. We had to compare the ranges to Brompton's existing models to find out - no wonder you're paying extra for less bike.

However, it's all wrapped up in Brompton's signature attractive package. Brompton makes lovely, high-quality-looking-and-feeling bikes, and the Electric P-Line isn't the one to break the mold. We look forward to giving it a test drive - just remember to insure your e-bike before taking it on the roads.