Terrazzo Scented Candle Jar, Set of 2, Quartz/Grapefruit

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Terrazzo Scented Candle Jar, Set of 2, Quartz/Grapefruit

Invigorating scent hand-poured in a beautiful terrazzo jar set. Chic, modern and feminine design with a clean and minimalist touch. It is made from monochromatic marble chips fused with concrete and polished to a high shine. Once you have burned through your candle, repurpose the vessel as a pot for a plant or catchall holder.Get more news about Terrazzo Jar,you can vist our website!
In this DIY craft kit by Paper Clouds, you will receive instructions and all the materials you need to make 2 10 Oz Organic Soy Candles in Artisan Terrazzo Pots.

What makes Paper Clouds unique:

☁️ALL-in-one | No, seriously, all-in-one! We went to great lengths to provide everything you need and to give you plentiful materials. Okay... we couldn't provide the stove, but, aside from that.

☁️Detailed instructions | We also went to great lengths to make everything clear and precise. Incomplete instructions are the worst! In addition to the instruction brochure, we also provide a video, so that whatever kind of learner you are, we've got you covered.

☁️Unique ingredients | We want you to love your final products! So, we searched for high quality fabric that wouldn't wrinkle badly for the Tie-Dye and would hold the dye, we tested many resins to ensure the highest quality, and we searched for a unique candle jar made by another small business owner.

☁️Female-run small business | Did you know that women receive only 2% of VC funding? And 50% of Small Businesses fail in the first 5 years?

☁️Giving back | We believe that creativity is essential for growth, happiness, and innovation. That's why we will be donating a portion of profits to support arts programs at underfunded schools.