Rockler Tandem Door Hinge Set

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Rockler Tandem Door Hinge SetRockler Tandem Door Hinge Set

As woodworkers, we always like to squeeze the most out of the limited shop space we have. This proprietary hinge set helps you do just that, effectively doubling the amount of on-door real estate available for tools and supplies. Once installed the outer door is opened to reveal a second inner door, both of which can be used for storage. Use pegboard in your door panels for neatly organized, dust-free hanging storage. Mount your most used tools on the outside, and lesser used tools on the inside. You can even mount them all facing inward for a cleaner look, and open everything up when it's time to work. One pair of hinges supports an outer door measuring up to 24''W x 36''H, along with its slightly smaller inner door.Get more news about Door Hinge Hl017,you can vist our website!


Made from heavy-duty 12 gauge zinc-plated steel
Included catch plate keeps doors in place and helps support weight when doors are closed
Hinges are easily reversible for left or right mounting
2'' space between doors allows most pegboard accessories to be used
Nylon bullet-style catches mount to bottom of cabinet
Detailed instructions and a mounting template are included for easy building and installation