Temperature Sensor Cable

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Temperature Sensor CableTemperature Sensor Cable

Temperature Sensor Cable

We provide sensor solutions for any type of industry: farmers, flour mills, feed mills, oil mills, grain hotels, grain harbor terminals, long term grain storage silos. The Temperature Sensor Cables are the foundation of our monitoring systems. Its purpose is to support the detection of any unwanted biologic activity originating from insects, fungus etc. in the stored grain.Get more news about temperature sensor cable,you can vist our website!

The iGRAIN Temperature Sensor Cable has become the grain industry bench-mark for rugged, durable and precise grain monitoring, we use advanced digital grain temperature monitoring. The precise digital sensors are utilized for the highest performance and have no drift over time. The cables are easy to install and to service.

Several different suspension systems are available to match any type of grain silo, and whether you want suspension from rafters or roof mount plates. The grain monitoring sensors are equally easy to install in steel silos and in concrete cells.

For steel silos, we recommend mounting the Temperature Sensor Cables on the top of the roof, and we have developed different solutions for that, our so-called roof mount plates. We also have systems for suspension inside the silos, where the Temperature Sensor Cables are hanging from rafters or special suspension systems.
Our Temperature cables are what you need to have precise and regular updates on how the temperature is evolving inside your silo or bulk storage facility. Thanks to years of in-house experience and development we can offer you a solid solution to monitor the temperature of your grain. The cables are designed to be used in the toughest environments and can be customized in length to fit in every different silo or storage facility.

There are many ways to attach the cables to your silo and we are, as always, very happy to support you in the process. However, the solution we recommend is the Roof Suspension and you can find more information about it here