Degold 60 Liter Pin Type Horizontal Bead Mill

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Degold 60 Liter Pin Type Horizontal Bead Mill

Degold 60 Liter Pin Type Horizontal Bead Mill

Advanced pin type grinding system improves production efficiency and quality, reduces energy consumption. Continuous-pass and circulation operation improves production efficiency, optimizes particle size distribution.
Large size rotor gap separation system is suitable for small sizes grinding mediums with different materials.Get more news about pin bead mill,you can vist our website!
Double mechanical seal.
Optional ceramic, cast steel, wear-resistant steel grinding chamber and grinding discs designs.
The Visconomic is our innovative solution for processing highly viscous products effectively. The advanced processing chamber allows high flow rates and effective temperature control. Visconomic also offers flexible controls and a user-friendly design.

fineness, temperature, materials, cooling,heat rejection, colors, volumes, capacity, power, sizes of grinding medium, density, wear resistence.The designed service life is 15 years.

Applications: widely used in Submicron new material, electronic ceramic, ceramic inks, LEP.

suitable for grinding and dispersing sub-micron to Submicron-scale grinding materials with slurry viscosity ≤ 12000mPa.s.
Compact structure and good stability: The motor is placed on the upper part, and the grinding cylinder is placed on the lower part, so the total height of the equipment is low.

Double mechanical seal: It has 2 patented technologies, with forced coolant, the seal ring is resistant to 1600 kinds of solvents, the coolant is compatible with the material, does not pollute the material, and is reliable in operation.

Discharge separation system: equipped with an optimized cooling system, and a distributed cooling system can also be selected to meet the needs of temperature control.

pin grinding system: It has extremely high grinding strength and greater product flow. A variety of optional materials: Stainless steel, Wear-resistant steel , Ceramics, Wear-resistant stainless steel.

Electrical display and control: operation column basic type, more integrated higher control system and PLC Huayin data acquisition hardware and software system, and provide more control methods.

The energy density distribution in the grinding chamber is relatively uniform so that the grinding and dispersing media can obtain a narrower particle size distribution, which is exactly the necessary performance for high-class products. The energy density in the grinding chamber is also significantly improved, at the same time, the grinding and dispersion effect is enhanced obviously.