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Tube filling machines are designed in order to fill tubes of materials including plastic, metal, and laminate. We stock a broad selection of used tube fillers and plastic tube sealers. Our used tube filling machines for plastic tubes include hot air tube fillers, hot jaw tube fillers, and ultrasonic (high-frequency) tube filling and crimping machines. Our inventory frequently includes tube fillers that are manufactured by NORDENMATIC/NORDEN, UNIPAC, IWKA, and KALIX.Get more news about tube filling and sealing machine,you can vist our website!

1-Used Kalix Model KX-600 Tube Filling and Sealing Machine. Equipped with 3 sets of change parts, machine has top-mounted jacketed hopper and front-mounted control panel. Suitable for filling tubes from 12mm to 50mm diameter with tube height from 55mm to 250mm high. With automatic loading with top magazine, machine has coding and cutting stations. Last used in the cosmetics industry for creams and gels. (Stock #L1410)

Tube filling equipment fills tubes with product and seals the tubes. Tube fillers and tube sealers can be made out of plastic or metal. Using a toothpaste tube as an example, a standard tube machine will take an empty tube upside down (cap pointing toward the floor), insert the product into the tubes, open upper end, and seal the tube after the product has been inserted. Different types of sealing are available for both plastic and metal tube equipment. Frain supplies these machines and this equipment for sale, rent and also buys.