Then exchange it with the book you'll get

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How do you earn money playing games like elyon is the number Elyon Gold  one issue that many players face when they attempt who want to play games. A lot of players want to know how to make money, but don't know how to improve. Let's examine the details of this game to find out how you can earn money playing Elyon games.

How do you make money in the game "elyon"

Brush wild

It is necessary to improve your equipment. It is recommended to brush when it is quiet in the evening, so that nobody gets the blame. Remember when brushing: open triple drop rate, Eat the altar whenever you get the opportunity. Don't ask me about how the triple drop rate came about it's a beginner question.

The exact locations for spawning are as follows:

Here, the wild beasts have been loaded to 300. and the pigs that are on the border of 38 are right and left. The earnings are around 200.000 each hour. 350 or so , roughly brush 39 border. The average income is 300.000 yuan per hour. Since weapons are made here and sold here, it is possible to make money to purchase purple weapons.

400 or so brush 42 border

Around 400.000 earnings per hour

500 or therefore, brush 45 dragons

However, it is preferential for you to strike 180 before brushing

About 450.000 an hour

Move brick method four: brush adventure + skills

This technique is ideal for studios as you have to spend many hours recording the location of the adventure. You can then run the adventure indefinitely.

Then exchange it with the book you'll get

A strength stone is greater than 1 million. But for players who are not experts, you can do it at the time you get it, but do not push it. When the record for your adventure is done, it can be earned every day. It's harder to complete in a single person. However, I've heard that this is not yet bound (but can be used as a weapon to make money)

Brushing skills are the same as running rings.

Here , I'm going to show you how to effectively fight  Elyon Gold for sale bosses that aren't yours to fight. There are teams of people who run bosses. The bosses that run in each area may be different. I will focus on the procedure. As of now, since the boss mechanism has been altered it is not possible to find a fixed method to operate the circle. It is only necessary to be able to brush monsters of low level, and then go through the summon book by the way.