Why Live Streaming Apps Are So Popular

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Why Live Streaming Apps Are So Popular

Why Live Streaming Apps Are So Popular
If you do some research you’ll find out that apps with live streaming are widely spread in many industries. Analytical data has shown that lockdown fastened growing interest in streaming app development. Experts have estimated the global video streaming market to be approximately $842.93 billion by 2027.To get more news about 39bet-mua vé số-rút tiền trên app-nạp trên trên app-đổi thưởng trên app-kết quả xổ số cà mau, you can visit official website.

Mass media, entertainment, e-learning, computer games and e-commerce use more than 200 live streaming services only in the USA, and the market is steadily growing due to customized live streaming app development.

Twitch became well known due to its popularity among gamers: the live streaming app connects players and spectators in the game process. The specific audience of this narrowly targeted tool can use it also for demonstration esports.

In social media, Instagram as a discoverer of this utility passed the baton to the other platforms: now any user can broadcast content he thinks is interesting. Due to its simple compatibility with Twitter, Periscope became one of the favorite video broadcasting apps around. YouTube live, Facebook lives, WeChat and other social media gave users the right to run live streams directly from their accounts.

The opportunity to learn and teach on the go, make records of live sessions, sustainability: it won’t crash whatever a number of students will log in simultaneously and high quality of content delivery. These benefits urge educational organizations to use or develop an app with live streaming. Diecast, Zype are among the frequently used and highly accessed professional live streaming apps in the domain. Amateur users can pay attention to more available solutions like Switcher studio. One of things on the map is that e-learning live streaming solutions reproduce the atmosphere of classroom presence. That’s precious in the «hide-in-the-shelter» era caused by the pandemic. According to the report represented by one of the leading live-streaming apps in the industry – Kaltura – 53% of educational organizations used live streaming for their lectures and workshops in 2019. Isn’t it good news for startups engaged in live streaming apps development?