Perks of Having a Smart Lock

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Perks of Having a Smart LockPerks of Having a Smart Lock

Let’s face it: smart locks can be unwieldy, and add hardware to your door that can make your entryway look unflattering. But they don’t have to be! You can make your existing beloved door hardware compatible with a keyless entry system with some research to find smart locks that fit your need and aesthetics.To get more news about bluetooth front door lock, you can visit official website.

Smart Features to Suit Your Style
Once your smart lock is installed, you can reattach your existing lock hardware to match your home’s design aesthetic. From there, you’ll be able to utilize all of the smart door lock's incredible technological features.
? Control Your Entryway with the Ease of an App
Smart locks are easily controlled by pairing them with your phone via Bluetooth. Once paired, you’ll be able to lock and unlock the lock, using a corresponding app that you can download. Utilizing the location on your phone, your keyless door lock will determine whether you’re within range for the deadbolt to unlock. The range is determined by geofencing software that sets a boundary around your home (typically within a few feet of your entryway). Your lock will only respond to requests to open when you’re within this range. You can also pair your lock with an app, like Apple HomeKit, to unlock your smart lock when you’re within range.

? Additional Access without Additional Keys
One of the most difficult parts of using a normal deadbolt lock is needing to provide a separate key to every person who needs access to your home. But with a smart lock, this hassle can quite literally disappear! For instance, using your smart home app, you can create a guest profile for other family members to use. All they’ll need to do is download the app so you can send them a pass for access that they can use to enter and exit the home, whatever their schedule. If you have a house employee that comes on a weekly basis, like a dog walker, a landscaper, or a pool cleaner, you can create a recurring guest pass for them that allows them entry during a specific day and time using the app as well. Key-free entries are great for when you’re having a large home gathering: you can create a party pass to send to your guests that allows them to enter at the time specified on your invite.

? Use a Keypad
Additionally, you can install a keypad on your door. Keypads are perfect for those who rent their homes to others on sites like VRBO and Airbnb, as they allow you to provide a unique key code to allow access that’s good for the duration of a guest’s stay. As an admin of the keypad, you can create the codes however you’d like, and grant or revoke access whenever needed. Keypads are also a great option for when you have repair people or contractors in your home, so you can let them in without having to be there yourself. What’s more, you’ll be able to see a log of anyone who has entered, via notifications from the app.
Upgrading your home with the latest technology doesn’t have to come at the price of style. When you want all the advanced features that a smart lock has to offer but don’t want to give up your existing door hardware, look for a smart door lock that works with your existing lock. Fitting most standard door locks, smart locks are powered by a small battery hidden in the deadbolt, so no additional bulky operating pieces are needed. In addition to this, you’ll be able to control your lock with the tap of a finger on your phone and can share guest passes or keycodes with others without having to be home or make extra keys. What smart lock feature are you most fascinated by?