Vientiane Shura

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Then the wise man said, "You are very clever. You know how to use the achievements of your predecessors to help you break away from the ordinary."

My Lord, aren't those bald men here by now? Why haven't you contacted us? Shandu asked. In the past month, Qin Feng finally knew the names of the three of them. The red-browed one was called Shandu, the dwarf was called Liu Jun, and their "adult" was called Huang Tian. The name was very domineering, which reminded people of the word "earth after heaven". Unfortunately, he was too fat to compete with Zhu Bajie. I really don't understand why an immortal with such strength should keep such a figure. Is his aesthetic view different from that of ordinary people? It's possible. Huang Tian replied lazily, "It's not that you don't know. Bald heads are always slow and rigid. I'm satisfied if they can come. How can I expect them to be on time?"? However, their strength is really good, and their magic weapons and tricks are born to restrain those demons and monsters, which is of great help to our task. So let's just wait patiently. Seeing that Huang Tian did not speak again for a long time, Liu Jun asked, "My Lord, this dispute between good and evil.." Huang Tian suddenly changed his lazy manner. With a flash of light in his eyes, he glared at Liu Jun and said in a low voice, "Shut up!"! You don't want to live?! We can talk nonsense here,gold heap leaching, even make jokes about the emperor, but about this. It's absolutely not to be mentioned! If you miss half a word, not only you and I will die to atone for the crime, but also teachers and friends will be punished. You two do not think that I usually speak well, if you make any big mistakes, do not need the emperor to say anything,Carbon in Pulp, I will immediately start to do you! Do you know?! Shandu and Liu Jun were frightened by Huang Tian. In the past month, Huang Tian had been eating, drinking, playing and fraternizing with them. There was no distinction between them. They thought they had really become brothers with Huang Tian. They forgot some special rules when they spoke. Now, after Huang Tian said so, they were scared out of a cold sweat. Fortunately, their bodies were soaked in the spring water and could not see anything. Two people nod repeatedly: "Know, adult.". We won't talk any more nonsense. "Well, it's good to know." Huang Tian returned to a lazy look, "I value you two very much, otherwise I will not bring you out of this task, tin beneficiation plant ,gold shaking table, you know, this kind of task is easy and big, but there are countless people competing to do it." "Thank you for your cultivation!"! We always remember the kindness of adults! Shandu and Liu Jun are also good whiskers. Yeah, you guys be good. Recently, there are several immortals in the Discipline Academy who are going to retreat, maybe for hundreds of years, maybe for thousands of years, leaving a few seats for inspectors. If you perform well enough, I will recommend you to the emperor. Huang Tian said it lightly. Shandu and Liu Jun were elated and answered in unison, "We will certainly live up to the expectations of our adults!" "Shit!"! What'bald head '? What is the battle between good and evil? Are the two realms of immortals and Buddhas going to war with the demon world again? ***ing fat man, why don't you let the dwarf say it? Hateful Qin Feng hate straight teeth, this kind of secret not to say all is not hanging appetite! Qin Feng really wanted to rush over and pinch their necks to force them to speak out, but unfortunately he did not have the confidence to subdue the three people in a short time, so he had to scold them in his heart. Fortunately, Qin Feng's appetite was not hanging too long, a few days later, the three immortals with their so-called "bald" contact, and agreed to meet place-or bathhouse, they are addicted to the bubble. Qin Feng naturally guessed that the "bald head" referred to people in the Buddhist world, but when he saw the two smooth and shining heads in contact with the immortals, he still had an impulse to fall down-they were too ostentatious, right? Walking in the demon world with two heads that are completely comparable to a kilowatt light bulb, although their demon spirit is more real than the yellow sky, they are really not afraid of being recognized? It's not hard to put a few hairs on your head. Why don't they do it? Is the brain stupid did not think of, or disdain for so? Or are you satisfied with this look and unwilling to change it? No matter Qin Feng is cranky on one side. Three immortals and two Buddhas began a conversation that made Qin Feng mistakenly think that he had returned to the trading scene between the gangs in the past: "Have you brought anything?" Asked the bald man. Huang Tian nodded and then asked, "What about you?" The big bald head said "En". Silence After 3 minutes, big baldy asks again: "When to act?" Huang Tian: "Half a month later." There was another long silence. When Qin Feng began to wonder if both of them had worked in the underworld, several people laughed. Huang, you are still so humorous! The big bald man laughed. You're not so bad, Sariputra! But how many times have I said, don't call me'Ah Huang '! It reminds me of a dog I had before I became an immortal. The yellow weather glared at the big bald head. You still haven't let go of that obsession? I don't know how you managed to rise! Why didn't the thunder kill you?! A big bald face of regret. Kill me? Dream on! Who else is qualified to become an immortal if a person with noble morality like me can't become an immortal? I wonder how you became a Buddha in the first place! Can a hooligan who is full of wine, meat and women become a Buddha? God, help me! Huang Tian pinched his neck and rolled his eyes with a painful look. Liu Jun, the good degree as well as the small bald head obviously has not seen own boss such "the rogue" to bicker, one by one blinks the eye not to say a word. Qin Feng was speechless, but also knew that Huang Tian and "Sariputra" were old acquaintances, and they were very familiar before they became immortals and Buddhas. Cough! Seriously. Why do you want to act in half a month? Haven't you found the right place yet? Asked the big bald head. "Of course!" Huang Tian narrowed his eyes and nodded. This guy likes to squint at the world. No way. Have you been here for a month? Haven't you found it yet? The big bald man looked incredulous. How do you know we've been here for a month? Surprised,mineral flotation, Huang Tian said to himself, "Could it be that this boy has already come and recognized me?"? "Hey, have you ever heard of a spell called the Eye of Samsara?" Said the big bald man with a smirk.