I raise a panda in a rich and powerful family.

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Then the wise man said, "You are very clever. You know how to use the achievements of your predecessors to help you break away from the ordinary."

Therefore, Bai Jinhao is usually just a little insatiable, looking for opportunities to play a coquettish trick with his girlfriend. Just like now, although he hugged Su Yunyun's leg and rubbed his head, it was when Su Yunyun's work was temporarily over, instead of bothering her when she was busy. Su Yunyun looked down at it, and the little dumpling immediately withdrew his paws and slowly left two steps away. His legs were short, and from time to time he turned his head and looked at Su Yunyun with his big innocent eyes. The hook made Su Yunyun really can't stand it, so he simply ran after her and reached out to catch the little cutie. It happened that the little dumpling was having fun, so he ran forward with a small inner eight, and simply played a game of hide-and-seek with Su Yunyun. Su Yunyun is just free now, and naturally she wants to play with the little cutie for a little while. So, simply in the back, running after the small dumplings. But what she didn't expect was that although the little dumpling was chubby and had short and soft feet, he was still a master of hide-and-seek. The small body dodged left and right, and moved very flexibly, always able to escape Su Yunyun's hands, as if he had eyes on his back. Su Yunyun said in his heart. This is not a panda dumpling, is it almost catching up with the wild monkeys in the mountains? As it happens, Su Yunyun is also a master of hide-and-seek,tin beneficiation plant, and his skill is also very agile. She simply let go and prepared to fight it out with the little dumpling. Bai Jinhao is also, a crazy play, a little can not hold the claws, plus he is trying to show his British (bear) posture in front of his girlfriend. Two people gradually let go of the speed and play crazily. Running crazily, it is hard to avoid being unable to stop. Bai Jinhao accidentally bumped into the cabinet and forgot to collect his strength. All the bottles and cans on it fell down. Bai Jinhao is a majestic, domineering beast, naturally will not care about these small shocks. Sugar, starch,manganese beneficiation plant, salt, pepper and chili powder were all sprinkled on his black and white fur. There was also a soy sauce bottle that fell directly on his head. Bai Jinhao said that the real warrior would not care about these weak attacks. But Su Yunyun was frightened, she was afraid of such a small dumpling, and then be smashed into a concussion by a soy sauce bottle?! Not caring about anything else, she hurried forward to pick up the dumpling and examine it carefully. As soon as Bai Jinhao saw that his girlfriend was so worried about him, he immediately gave up the style of the beast straight man. He cried out like a spoiled child. To translate the baby language, "Yes, hurt, headache, waist pain, buttocks pain, everywhere pain.". Oh, I'm dizzy. I'm going to have a concussion. Courtship hugs and gentle touches. Unfortunately, Su Yunyun did not understand at all, Carbon in Pulp ,gold CIP machine, and when he saw that the dumpling was so active, he decided that it was nothing. Su Yunyun thought in his heart that this little dumpling was really lively and lovely. Then she suddenly found another thing, the original black and white flowers of the small dumplings, has become a colorful dumplings. Oil, salt, sauce and vinegar are all added, and it is completely a "Sixi meatball". What can I do? Su Yunyun brushed the hair on the dumpling for a long time, but unfortunately there was too much powder and it was so sticky that he couldn't brush it down at all. He took a clean towel and wiped it carefully for a long time, but it was still not clean. Su Yunyun has been taking care of this dumpling for some time, and he knows something about the temperament of the employer's family. The employer's family seems to be willing to help her take care of the panda. Su Yunyun thought about it and simply called the housekeeper's grandmother. Ask her if she can help the little cutie take a bath? The housekeeper's grandmother blushed when she heard this. It's not a formal blind date yet? Moreover, other people's little girl is also a cub, his family's young master lets others help to take a bath, is this really possible? Unfortunately, the old woman thought too much, and she underestimated the shameless degree of her young master. She hasn't said yes yet. On the other end of the phone came the excited cry of the little dumpling. Even if the housekeeper's grandmother had almost forgotten the baby language, she could guess that the shameless bear dumpling was shouting, "Just want to take a bath, want my girlfriend to help me take a bath!!!" The housekeeper's grandmother had completely given up hope for the young master's moral integrity. She even wanted to inform the old patriarch to bring the young master, a rogue bear, home as soon as possible for re-education. However, under the coercion and inducement of Tuanzi regardless of face, the old woman could only say. All right, Xiao Su, if you really want to wash it, you can wash it. If you don't want to wash it, that dumpling is used to being crazy and running in the mountains all day long. In the afternoon, there was a special person to help him take a bath. In fact, after you leave, the young master will wash it himself. Soon, I heard the little dumpling shouting "uh-huh" on the other side of the phone, frantically refuting. The old lady is talking nonsense. I'm not like those big men who pick their feet. I am the most hygienic bear, even if I run in the mountains and forests, I can make sure that the leaves do not touch my body, so that my hair will not be dirty. This old lady is simply destroying my image of a handsome, white and flawless man in front of my girlfriend. The housekeeper's grandmother couldn't stand it any more. She said to herself, "This shameless young master.". You can't wash white anymore. You are a runny bear. In the end, she had no choice but to say to Su Yunyun again. You can check the map and there is a bathroom on the first floor with all the amenities. If you want to bathe a little cutie, you can use those. In fact, the grandmother does not think her young master this kind of flow | where is the cute rogue bear? She really couldn't say such a name. Su Yunyun got the right words, immediately felt very happy, and assured her on the phone. You can rest assured that after taking a bath, I will dry all the hair on the little cutie's body, so that he won't catch a cold. In fact, the housekeeper's grandmother especially wanted to tell Su Yunyun. Wash what? You throw him into the big bathtub, let him swim for a while,magnetic separator machine, and the fur will be washed naturally. After taking a bath, you don't have to dry it. He can shake it by himself, and the hair will dry naturally. ore-magnetic-mining.com