Evil pupil

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Then the wise man said, "You are very clever. You know how to use the achievements of your predecessors to help you break away from the ordinary."

In order to avoid being discovered by the enemy, Huotong and Fenlong hid on a very high century-old tree, covering their figures with the luxuriant branches and leaves of the tree, and observing the enemy's movements from a commanding position. The valley was full of enemy troops, and they all crowded into the valley and sat around the fire. The general, who had just fled from the battlefield, had just led his men into the largest main tent, but was beaten out by a force. Rubbish! After fighting for so long, you still can't break through the defense line of Sangjiu. What are you doing to eat? A man in black came out of the main tent. The man was dressed the same as the man in black that Huotong had seen in the burning valley before, but his figure and size showed that he was not the same as the man in black. The general covered his stomach, which had been kicked, and stood up with the help of the soldiers. Lord Messenger, we were going to succeed today, but the other side came to help. "Shut up!"! How many excuses do you have to make for yourself when you are useless! If you can't take Sangjiu in three days, you'll be waiting to become a corpse! The man in black opened his mouth viciously,Portable gold trommel, giving the general no chance to explain. You losers, have you forgotten your mission! What's the matter? Do you still want your family alive? All the soldiers, when they heard the words of the man in black, clenched their fists secretly and pressed all their emotions in their hearts. Lord Messenger, please give us another chance! When the general heard this,portable gold wash plant, he immediately panicked and quickly pleaded for mercy. Hum! If you want them to live, it's up to you. You have lost so many dead bodies this time, and you have to choose from among you to replace them! By the end of the night, carry the men to the mountains. With that, the man in black turned back to the tent and left the general and the soldiers outside. The atmosphere around was very low. Huotong heard the conversation between the general and the man in black clearly. As she expected, they were really using ordinary soldiers to make materials. Master The pink dragon watched in surprise as Huotong stretched out his hand and shot out several silver wires. At a speed so fast that people could not see clearly, he grabbed a soldier who was closest to the tree. When the other side did not respond, he broke his neck, quickly took off his clothes and put them on himself. Peaches, you wait here for my signal. With that, Huotong jumped down the tree neatly and quietly mingled with the soldiers. General All the soldiers looked at the general with a pale face. Everyone was afraid and frightened. They knew what it meant to go to the mountain. They would become inhuman and thoughtless corpses. They would never be able to recover their human appearance. Drink, gold cil machine ,Portable gold trommel, drink! Looking at the pair of frightened eyes, the general suppressed the complex emotions in his heart and sat around a fire with all the people. And by the fire, only a thin little soldier was taking care of the fire. As soon as the general sat down, he looked at the little soldier and said, "Boy, so thin!"! Aren't you full? The little soldier shook his head. Hi! You don't look big! It's really hard for you to join the army at such a young age. Then the general took out his flagon and looked up to drink. The whole position was silent, and all the soldiers sat by the fire in silence. The general looked at the soldiers in the doldrums, sighed heavily in his heart, lowered his head and clenched his fist. General A soldier with a blue face came to him. Uh General, in the evening. I would like to go. Said the soldier Nono. "The general was stunned." How old are you "Ten.." Nineteen.. Said the soldier timidly. The general frowned. Nonsense! You're not even twenty years old. Why are you here! Don't you know that there is an order that people under the age of twenty are not allowed to participate! Get your ass back! Who would have thought that the soldier actually knelt down in front of him with a "splash" and cried: "General, you let me go, my mother and sisters are still in the country, I can't let them suffer! There are no dead troops now, and the emissary has spoken. Please let me go! I am not afraid of death, I only ask the general to send the reward money to my family after I become a corpse, please don't tell them about me. My business, just say I died in battle! The soldier opened his mouth in tears and kowtowed to the general with such force that blood oozed from his forehead. You get up! Get up, do you hear me? "The general was red-eyed and pulled the soldier up. He stood up and said to the quiet soldiers around him." I know none of you want to be a corpse, but no one goes, what about our relatives who stay in Zhenliao?! The information of all of us has been recorded before we come. If we retreat, our relatives will suffer, and they will replace us as corpses! Do you want to see them turned into walking corpses and sent to the battlefield as tools of slaughter?! The general's words made all the soldiers more and more silent. Many people clenched their fists secretly, and the tears of resentment in their eyes could not help falling down. Now, people who have reached the age of twenty will go to the mountains with me, and I will accompany you! Roared the general. General "General, you can't go!" "General, what shall we do when you leave?!" The soldiers did not expect the general to say such a thing, and he seemed to accompany them to become a corpse. Do you want me to continue to watch my soldiers being turned into corpses while I hide behind you like a turtle?! The general smiled bitterly. Every time a soldier went to the mountain, he personally escorted him. But every time, he turned back to the camp at the foot of the mountain. But this time, he couldn't do it any more. He could not be cruel to watch these brothers being transformed into walking corpses again and again. General, but if you leave, who will the rest of the brothers depend on? The thin soldier who had been carrying the general's fire on his back spoke slowly. The general was stunned. It's better to lead us to victory than to act on impulse like this, so as to reduce losses,chrome washing machine, isn't it? The soldier continued in that soft voice. Yes, General, the little brother has a point. The soldiers quickly echoed. ore-magnetic-mining.com