Heluo Jingjiao Version: Tiancan Potato

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I'm sorry, I stopped. I took Xianggong's money. I immediately ordered someone to take it out and return it to Xianggong. 。

With the relationship between Jiu You and Mu Chen, the former naturally also faintly heard Mu Chen mention the pupil of extinction. It is said that this thing is refined by the ancient multi-treasure beast with its own eyes as its material. It has the potential to evolve into a real holy thing. In terms of value, I'm afraid that even all the quasi-holy things they have obtained in their hands add up to far less. The gap between quasi-sacred objects and sacred objects is like a gap. And when the death pupil appeared between the eyebrows of the herdsman, the dead spirit of the eight-grade beast spirit suddenly rolled violently, and the body that was about to rush out was forced to stop, and the tight body showed an extremely alert posture. Obviously, it perceived a strong sense of extreme danger from the death pupil between the eyebrows of the herdsman. At this time it is not the most perfect state, before being bombarded by the heavy spirit array in turn, it is also suffered a lot of heavy losses, all dead gas defense, has appeared a great flaw. At this time, if it is hit by the death pupil again, I am afraid it will really die, although it is lifeless, but the instinct, still let it as far as possible to avoid death. As a result, the dead gas in his eyes surged, and he had some intention of retreating. However, at this time, the herdsman dust obviously will not let it easily retreat, immediately he nodded slightly to the distant Jiuyou and others, the latter and others immediately understood its meaning, immediately majestic spiritual power swept across, quasi-holy objects were once again urged to move up, directly intercepted in the rear of the eight-grade beast spirit, so that it had no way to escape. When Jiuyou and others formed an interception, Muchen suddenly bent his fingers, a jade bottle flashed out, and immediately burst out of thin air, and suddenly a torrent emerged. The torrent is like a river winding in the sky, the spiritual power between heaven and earth seems to become vigorous, a spiritual fog, emanating from the torrent. Nine you gaze, impressively is to discover, that a torrent,ceramic bobbin heater, unexpectedly is the supreme spirit liquid, that rough look, afraid is nearly a million. "Could it be that it took so much supreme spirit liquid to activate the killing pupil?" Jiu You was slightly stunned, and immediately felt shocked. The quasi-holy objects in their hands were all driven by their own spiritual power, and they were also able to exert some power. But unexpectedly, Mu Chen had to resort to external objects. Muchen noticed the surprise of the crowd, he looked at the spiritual torrent hovering all over his body, and sighed helplessly in his heart. He was quite speechless about the fact that he had to consume so much of the supreme spiritual liquid to urge the birth pupil to die. It was a bottomless pit, and it took a million of the supreme spiritual liquid to urge it once. Even if all the supreme spirit liquid is taken out, it can only urge the birth pupil to move four or five times. However, at this time, if you want to quickly solve the eight animal spirits, so as not to change, it can only rely on the power of the birth pupil. As soon as I read this, Mu Chen did not hesitate any more. As soon as the seal method changed, there was a black light condensation in the pupil between the eyebrows, and then the suction burst out, 3500mg Ozone ceramic Plate ,ceramic bobbin heater core, just like a whale sucking water, directly swallowing the torrent of the supreme spirit liquid. And as the death pupil devoured such a huge supreme spirit liquid, only to see that in the vertical eyes, dark and more profound, from a distance, as if it was a small black hole in general, if you look for a long time, even the spiritual power in the body will be dissipated. Muchen's face was dignified, and he could feel what a terrible force had been condensed between his eyebrows and his pupils, and once that force broke out, I'm afraid even his head would explode. So immediately he took a deep breath, did not dare to neglect, between the change of the seal, only to see that the black halo in the pupil of death condensed layer by layer, in the space around the eyes, are beginning to appear layers of collapse. The eight-grade beast spirit in front of him rolled all over his body and retreated violently. He dared not stay here any longer. In the previous moment, he was aware of the destructive crisis. Buzz. Mu Chen did not pay attention to its retreat, the black light between the eyebrows became more and more condensed, after ten breaths, finally condensed to the extreme, only to see the black vertical eyes, layers of black halo suddenly exploded. "Destroy the birth pupil, destroy the birth divine light!" Mu Chen's hands were imprinted, and the sound of a low drink suddenly resounded through his heart. Whew! Black vertical eye rotation, directly is the remote lock of the eight grade beast spirit, the next moment, black vertical eye seems to be a flash of light, a black light of about a hundred feet, burst out. This black light, dark and unusual, seems to have a sticky feeling that makes time stagnate. Where the black light passes, it does not show a very violent destructive power, but even where it passes quietly, any vitality is obliterated by hegemony, and even the spiritual power of heaven and earth along the way is eerily obliterated. When the distant Jiuyou and others saw the black light, they all felt their scalps tingling, and a death-like crisis enveloped their hearts. And the eight-grade beast spirit at this time is the same feeling, immediately it roared out, the body of the dead gas burst out without reservation, unexpectedly turned into a dead shield, resist behind, and its body, is crazy to flee to the distance. Boom! Extinction black light burst, directly on the dead shield, but that majestic dead gas, but did not get any blocking effect, is quietly melted away. Whew! The black light pierced the dead shield, a touch of black light across the sky, quickly caught up with the escaped eight-grade beast spirit, and then bombarded its head. Even at this time, the eight-grade beast spirit frantically urged the dead gas to form protection, but when the black death light roared past, the eight-grade beast spirit's head and neck disappeared out of thin air. The body of the eight-grade beast spirit still maintained a forward posture, and after a moment it fell precariously from the sky, splitting a giant tree into two parts. And the original strong dead gas on its body also disappeared cleanly at this time, leaving a dry and abnormal body. In the distance,Ceramic ferrule for stud welding, Jiuyou looked at the eight-grade beast spirit that had been obliterated almost without hindrance. For a moment, they were all in a daze. When they came to their senses after a moment, they all gasped. global-ceramics.com