Dangerous Game [Unlimited]

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The woman he loved deeply married his father for his future,stainless steel edge trim, and then used his beauty to let his father pass everything on to him? Is such a thing painful? If she were Shen Lin, in this bloody reality, it would be better to be confused and put all the mistakes on

Talking in a low voice, the young girl went up to the third floor to look for the little girl, and just as they turned the corner, a man came out of the shadows. The man was wearing a hospital gown, holding a ragged doll that had lost its life, and his eyes were so red that they could drip blood. The corridor on the third floor is very dark. Lu Manman's flashlight had run out of power. She felt the cold wall and walked forward. In the silent darkness, only the footsteps of her and the teenager could be heard. Gradually, she suddenly felt some sticky fingertips. Lu Manman withdrew his fingertips and took out the mobile phone without signal from his satchel. The initial power of the mobile phone was not much, and now the battery icon has turned bright red. She turned on the flashlight function and aimed the light at the wall. This is A bloody eight-headed snake hovered over the wall, its head raised like a cobra. The snake had no eyes, only a huge mouth, and rows of sharp teeth were exposed. The big snake was so lifelike that Lu Manman stood in front of the wall, facing the big mouth of one of the snake heads, almost with the illusion that it would be swallowed up at any time. The blood is fresh. Qi Xiuyuan carefully observed the bloodstains: "In some places, the bloodstains have not yet begun to coagulate. If space transmission is excluded,tile profile factory, the painter is nearby. It's just the amount of bleeding.." "I haven't told you yet that the monster we're going to meet next is a little girl with strong hematopoietic function, similar to the magic brush Ma Liang," Lu Manman pushed the broken hair hanging on his cheek behind his ear. The voice did not fall, the light at the end of the corridor suddenly lit up. Tick tock, tick tock. The sound of blood dripping. The little black round-toed leather shoes stepped on the tiled floor, making a light click,stainless steel tile trim, and the little girl in the red dress tilted her head unnaturally and came over to the young girl. The lights in the corridor came on in turn with the little girl's steps and went out after she passed by, and the little girl's head was always on. Lu Manman clearly saw that the little girl's neck was almost cut off with a sharp weapon, the fracture of the neck was only a layer of flesh adhesion, and her arms were covered with deep scratches. She was covered in blood. Monsters could not be killed by ordinary weapons, and the wound on the little girl's neck was healing as she came towards them. The askew head was gradually straightened like a plant corrected by the sun. The little girl walked straight towards Lu Manman. Qi Xiuyuan raised his eyebrows and was about to start when the girl reached out in front of him. Wait a minute. She doesn't seem to mean any harm to me. I think she has something to tell me. The boy retreated obediently and gave her the space. Lu Manman pinched the needle in his hand and waited quietly. Sure enough, the little girl slowed down in front of her and walked slowly to her. The little girl raised her hand and stretched out the fingertips dripping with blood. Lu Manman extended his palm to her, and the little girl lowered her head and wrote on her palm. The slightly itchy touch kept coming from the palm of his hand, and Lu Manman observed the little girl's wound while copying the strokes of the words in his heart. The little girl's wound was gradually fitting, but the state of the incision could still be seen. The incision on her neck was unusually flat, which reminded Lu Manman of a stake cut horizontally, while the wound on her arm was thin and long, tile trim factory ,aluminium edge trim, buried in a very deep place. Chainsaw and scalpel.. It was the doctor who killed her, or, as a monster, he knew that they would not die, but were deliberately torturing her. The little girl's main attack was blood painting, which was not very strong in itself. When her forehead was sealed by her towel, she faced the doctor with little power to fight back. After she was seriously injured by the doctor, she was bleeding all over and had a new paint to paint. The doctor is around here. Just then, the little girl stopped and looked at the girl with her pale eyes. Lu Manman stared at her palm and slowly turned her head. There was no one behind her. A pool of fresh blood was spilled on the ground, and the surface was slightly illuminated by the light. He will suddenly appear behind you. That's what the little girl told her. Chapter 24 Seal. There was a harsh white light in front of his eyes. Even if he did not open his eyes, the strong light shone into his eyelids, making the field of vision bright red, and the light was still warm, making his face slightly hot. His arms were burning with pain, and he could feel the blood flowing out of the wound and down his arms. Qi Xiu turned his head, avoided the strong light that was about to shine directly into his eyes, and slowly opened his eyes. Here is a ward, the layout and surrounding furnishings are very similar to the operating room, the only bed is placed in the middle of the ward, there are large vertical lights beside the bed, and several brand-new scalpels are placed on the small table beside the bed. He was lying on his back on the hospital bed, his limbs tied with ropes to the iron pillars at the foot of the bed, and his whole body was in the shape of a long and narrow fire. Qi Xiuyuan tried to move his wrists and ankles and found that his body seemed to have been fried in a frying pan, which was full of empty bubbles and could not exert any strength. At that moment, the door of the ward was opened. Two round things were thrown in hard and smashed against the opposite wall, leaving blood flowers with meat residue on the pale background before bouncing back to the ground. They were two heads that had been cut off not long ago. You're awake, my prey. A heavy footstep sounded from the door and gradually approached the hospital bed. The overhead light was removed, Qi Xiuyuan turned his head, the doctor's bloodstained face was in his field of vision, and the man put the chainsaw at his feet, his eyes swimming excitedly over him. How do you want to die? The doctor stretched out his left hand, the fingertips made of scalpel opened the buttons on Qi Xiuyuan's chest from top to bottom, and the black clothes fell to both sides, revealing the sexy chest of the teenager. How about this, cut off your limbs with a chainsaw,aluminium tile trim profiles, cut off your head, then cut open your torso, take out every organ you have and put it in a bottle.. 。 jecatrims.com