In Italy floods, mud tsunami swallowed victims alive

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In Italy floods, mud tsunami swallowed victims alive

Adriana Pianelli called out to her husband and son as they disappeared under a sea of mud in the underground carpark, during a deadly storm that devastated villages in central Italy.

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"I saw them, I called Andrea! Giuseppe! But the water had risen so fast, and was so thick with mud, they had no chance," she said, the arms of her pink jumper pulled down over clenched fists.

Andrea, 25, had been nearly out of the garage when he turned back to help his father, 65-year old Giuseppe, who had slipped over. All three had gone out in the heavy rain to move their car to safety.

The father and son were just two of an estimated 10 people killed in the Marche region by the flash floods.

"It was like a tsunami. They were there, then they were gone," said Adriana, who had been waiting for them on higher ground, at the entrance to the garage.

Down the street, Pasquale Avallone said he had almost died when the waters gushing into his house rose in seconds up to his neck.

"The front door burst off its hinges and I was thrown up against the wall. I just managed to climb onto of a cupboard and there I waited, for death," he said.