University of Toronto

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University of Toronto: It is a university renowned for innovation and research. Making valuable discoveries for the betterment of the world. Teaching and research members are experts in their fields. More than 5,60,000 students have graduated from this university. Students who are interested in research and want to pursue a career in research receive lots of offers from various sources to finance them. The benefits it receives are huge and high in volume. A clear example is in 2018-19, which received CAD1.38 billion from various sources. Some of the notable people who attended the college include John Charles Field, Harold Innis, female astronaut Roberta Ponter and William Lyon Mackenzie and Lester B. Pearson and the two Prime Ministers.


It offers 700 undergraduate programs and 300 graduate programs. Medicine, humanities, education, business, engineering are its main branches where you can pursue any program.

Courses of this university in Clinic medicine, psychology, arts and humanities, computer system, information, and nursing fields are globally recognized.