How to complete Request 76 Guide in Pokemon Legends: Arceus?  

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Pokemon Legends: Arceus keeps players busy with various side quests. The side quest mechanic will unlock after the PCs receive their Survey Corps uniform and begin Mission 4: Begin the Research Mission. Some side quests will unlock another side quest, so it's important to complete each side quest - especially to get some rewards. Do you know Buy Pokemon BDSP at pkmbuy?
A request in Pokemon Legends: Arceus follows an NPC named Morel. He made a request early in the Obsidian Fields, then returned to Alabaster Iceland, the last area the player unlocked. Request 76: Hunting mushrooms with Swinub is the last request Morel makes to the player. Fortunately, for those who haven't done it yet, it's an easy task.
Unlock requirements for request 76
Unlock Request 76 An easily missed request is Ignore Request 33: What a Mushroom! Request 33 to unlock after capturing Parasect. It doesn't matter if this means evolving Paras or catching Parasects in the wild. Those wishing to challenge a level 30 Alpha Parasect in the Obsidian Field's Natural Storage Room can do so early in Legends: A Tale of Arceus. After request 33, Morel will make another request to the player after:
Unlocks Alabaster Iceland (ie: Start Mission 12: The Slumbering Lord of the Tundra).
Catch Swinub (found at the Alabaster Icelands)
Once this is done, go to the Lavington office and pick up request 76 on the blackboard. Instead of talking to Morrel at his home, Morrel will be in Alabaster Iceland on the edge of Heart Cliff. Make sure you have a Swinub at the party before talking to him. Players can track requests on the map by pressing the (+), Y button, and then using the A button to select Request 76. This will place a marker where the morels can be found.
How to complete a request 76
If a player ignores Swinub in their lineup, go back to base camp and swap one of the Pokemon for a Swinub. There are also plenty of Swinubs crawling around the Bonechill Wastes and Avalugg's Legacy, as well as level 62 Alpha Swinubs. It doesn't matter what type of player they end up catching as long as they only have one player in the party.
By talking to Morel, he'll mark three different locations on Heart Cliff for Swinub to sniff. Two-thirds of those sites will have no problem digging up the mushrooms Morell is looking for. One of the locations will have a Snover, which is of the grass/ice type. Due to Swinub's ground type, it has weaknesses against grass type movement, although its ice type has advantages over grass types. Therefore, players may not want Swinub at the top of their lineup. Bring fire-type Pokémon, or Pokémon that know fire-type moves, such as Mystic Fire. As a grass/ice type, Snover deals 4x damage to fire.
Snovers are not a big threat, but players should know the following when battling Snovers in Request 76:
Type Grass/Ice
Level 50
* Strong against: Water, Ground, Rock, Dragon, Grass, Flying
Weak against: Fire (4x), Fighting, Poison, Bug, Steel, Rock, Flying
* Resistances: Electric, Grass, Ground, Water
* Avoid bringing Pokemon with the Typings listed in the "Strong against" and "Resistances" rows.
Once the mushroom hunt is over and done, go back to Morel and turn in Request 76. He will give x5 carrots and x1 experience. Candy L as a reward. If the player has not completed Mission 61: New products, they can give five radishes to Taohua in the Galaxy Hall. Otherwise, Radishes are used to make Double Spiced Radishes, which can be unlocked by completing Request 80: The Perfect Pickle Recipe. an experience. Candy L will provide a lot of experience for the selected Pokemon. Buy PLA Pokemon at pkmbuy.
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