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Making new acquaintances, chatting online, and staying in contact are all made simple using social networking and social media websites. It may be risky to meet someone online, especially if users don't know them or haven't seen them in person. Remember that once a message, photo, or video is published online, there is no way to control where it goes while conversing and exchanging ideas and information with individual users don't know or trust. Effective privacy controls ensure the user has control over whom the user chooses to "friend." Good standard practices include:

  • Keeping the password to yourself.
  • Making the profile private.
  • Refusing friend requests from strangers.

The user might ask how to change Facebook password. The user must follow the following:

  • On Facebook, click Main Menu in the top right corner.
  • After selecting Settings and privacy, scroll down and select Settings.
  • Select Security and Password.
  • Tap Change password.
  • Tap Save Changes after entering the new password twice and then typing it again.

To learn how to make Fb page public.

  • From the user's Facebook newsfeed, click "Pages" on the left side of the screen.
  • The user should once more select the page they wish to make public.
  • As the user scrolls down, click the gear icon next to "Settings" on the left sidebar.
  • Select "Page Visibility" under the "General" tab. Decide on "Page Published."

Now that the Facebook page is back up to the Public, everyone may view it and access all its material unless they have been blocked. If a person has already logged in but has forgotten their password, they should hit Forgotten password. and follow the instructions to have it reset. Bear in mind that the user will need access to the email linked to the account.

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