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Everyday is kind of different, Beetz notes of her trial-and-error makeup equation, which, in today's case, translates to a fast, freeform shape at eye level. After prepping her complexion with a combination of Fenty primer a recent game-changing addition to her arsenal and Charlotte Tilbury foundation, she reaches for a violet liquid liner from Wet n Wild, which she paints just above her lid in an elongated arc shape and locks into place with a similarly-colored powder.

I use an iron to curl my hair for brushed-out waves because I can do it in 15 minutes if my hair is already dry, she explains. And if you'll be hosting this holiday season, Alba has plenty of wisdom to impart, beginning with allowing yourself 45 minutes before guests arrive to get spruced up.

Fall allows for your shoe selection to really shine. Due to its transitional nature, there's freedom to wear almost anything you'd like, without having to consider super-hot or cold temps. You could happily expose your ankles, toes, or a peep of socks in muled sandals, or go Golden Goose Shoes for the more obvious fall loafers and ankle-grazing boots. The options are truly endless.

Not long ago, you might have found yourself all dressed up with nowhere to go. In some cases, they can even be completely sexy. Even with this downsized shoe closet, I realize that I'll still remember that perfect date night even after those fabulous mules leave my closet and I can live with fewer pairs as long as they are the right pairs.

Soon after their initial intro, Sui and her nieces, actress Chase Sui Wonders, director Jeannie Sui Wonders, and Isabelle Sui who works with Anna in the family business were at Hay's apartment trying on Batsheva dresses for their family Thanksgiving. We were in Batsheva's bathroom and putting on these dresses and twirling around in the living room, remembers Chase.