Cap nhat qua tang sep nu len chuc moi nhat hien nay

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Choose gifts according to your boss's preferences: Expensive gifts are not equal to meaningful gifts. You should observe your boss carefully, or ask your colleagues and those around you about your boss's preferences and habits. As an important occasion in your life, your boss w

Beautiful and meaningful boss promotions

Giving gifts to female bosses on promotion is considered an art for junior staff to show and congratulate on the day of the boss's promotion. At that time, each employee or group giving a gift to a female boss needs to show a meaningful and thoughtful congratulation. The boss is respected by his subordinates, delicately preparing the gift will be very happy and satisfied. Giving gifts to the promoted boss needs to give gifts with beautiful forms, with many meanings about luck, good fortune or good luck. peaceful.

qua tang sep nu len chuc

The appropriate gifts as gifts for the boss to rank up are "Thuan Sail"; "Hoa Khai Phu Quy", "Successful unique code" ... These are great gifts to give your female boss for promotion. Phuc Tuong Gold we would like to suggest you a gift for your female boss that is both delicate and delicate. , affordable but also makes your boss very satisfied with your gift when promoted.

Gold Plated Wishing Sticks – Promotion Gifts The

Wishing Stick symbolizes the attainment of prosperity in the practice of feng shui. As feng shui objects in the house; bring luck to the family, bring great sand, great benefits to the owner. It also brings progress, good luck in the career path, and favorable business. The gold-plated Nhu Y stick model represents sand and gas, dissolving weapons, bringing a lot of power, luck, and money. The meaning of the product is true to the name "Nhu Y"; It means wishing to see, all wishes and success will be achieved. In addition, the weapon also has the meaning of praying for sustainable stability, being satisfied with what you have.


Business card holder - female boss's promotion gift A female boss's promotion

means that the boss's business card also changes; Choosing this gift will be very delicate and practical when the boss will always carry it with him. In addition, the product is gilded very beautiful and luxurious; sure female boss will be very satisfied.24k gold plated business card holder

Hộp đựng danh thiếp (Namecard) mạ vàng 24k

Sailboat pen holder - Symbol of smooth sailing

In feng shui, a smooth sailing boat is considered a symbol of success in business. Work. The product will bring many advantages and good luck in work. The product is a pen holder with a sailboat symbol; Very suitable for the boss's desk.

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