The primary ingredients of a successful dunk are fashion

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Preseason is in full swing while the Cheap NBA 2K22 MT opening of 2022's regular season just a couple of weeks away, some of the best players are taking advantage of their last hours before they put on their shoes and take to the court. Kevin Durant appears to be one of those players trying to start this season with a high note, as evident by his incredibly dominant winning streak on the night in the park.

Alongside a 2K content creator known as Josh Choc Humpries as well as 2K League player Stephen "SlayIsland" Lay, KD and the team put up 50 straight winning streaks during 2K22. KD confirmed the results, shared by Choc in a tweet shortly after the night's win, which quickly blew up on Twitter. Choc is a popular YouTube content creator for 2K, with over 200,000 subscribers on his channel.

After last night's insane 50-game win streak, it's only the matter of time before Choc likely posts the video for fans to see on his channel. As of the time of the publication of this article the video isn't uploaded, leaving fans to only imagine the excitement and excitement generated by the final 50th game.

For Durant, he's hoping Durant can extend his 50-game winning streak before the NBA season gets underway. In the current NBA season, with the Brooklyn Nets stacked top-to-bottom with players like Kyrie Irving, James Harden, and Blake Griffin, KD may very well be back on the road to another NBA Finals appearance.

The primary ingredients of Buy 2K MT a successful dunk are fashion, speed, efficiency, and power. These are the dunks with everything in NBA 2K22.