I would also support what another commenter

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Anyway that was my 2 cents, I believe you guys are doing a fantastic job with New Horizons Items the subreddit and you're taking it in a good direction!

There should be more limitation on this. Literally so many posts of"Margie Wearing Glasses CuTe! 1" or "AnKhA on The Beach wow!" Like they're not even pointing out anything unique or special with the sport.

Other things such as obtaining a Jacob's Ladder flower are far too repetitive. Like I'd know if they did with the post like showing off their five star island, but taking a shaky cell phone pic of this change revealing they got 5 stars and a screenshot is reduced effort.


There is no plot or surprise in regards to a game like AC. I really find it mad when folks are bothered by something as inconsequential as that. Just like why are ppl's experience destroyed by viewing a hallowe'en item when there was literally a whole trailer showcasing all of the new stuff?? It makes no sense to me.


They're fine. Folks grieve differently and having it manifest in a healthy game such as AC is endearing to see.

I'd definitely encourage spoiler tags for Time Traveling as even though not everyone considers stuff like that a spoiler, it matters more if somebody who does sees things they do not need to than it will if individuals who do not just need to look at something which's already been spoiler tagged.

In terms of memorials, I believe it'd definitely be best to restrict them somehow. While they do not both me in the smallest and obviously people who place them don't mean them to be upsetting, you sort of have to cater to the minority because these images could be very upsetting for some people so it is far better to have some precautions.

I would also support what another commenter has stated about flaring edited screenshots. It would just be good for transparency and anyone new to the game will not think that they can do things that actually are not possible and be let down.

I believe a spoiler tag would be great, especially since we're approaching one year at the game. People have already begun posting stuff about how dreadful the eggs in bunny afternoon were, and it is not reasonable to buy Animal Crossing Items newer players who havent seen bunny day (or whatever thing) yet.