Splatter Shooting Targets 3 Inch Reactive Paper Target Stickers

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Splatter Shooting Targets 3 Inch Reactive Paper Target Stickers

Splatter Shooting Targets 3 Inch Reactive Paper Target Stickers

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Extremely Visible and Bright - Our splatter reactive targets make you easy to see your shots instantly with a BRIGHT YELLOW BURST upon Impact at a distance, no more wasting time walking downrange to check.

High Strength Self Adhesive Targets - You can stick on cardboards / Silhouette paper targets / targets dueling tree / metal target stand / resetting targets…for most of the surface in all seasons, indoor or outdoor shooting practice.

The Shot and See Targets are great for using with airsoft, BB guns, pellet guns, air rifles, pistol and even shotguns. Perfect for shooting short range or long range.

3 x 3 Inch Splatter Targets - 250 Stickers / Roll, perfect size for your range shooting practice or using as replacements to cover up your shot out targets.

Splatter Shooting Targets - We designed the targets by ourselves and our design team keep creating the new styles from time to time. We have different targets in different size for your selection.

Hight Quality - We used Good Quality Ink for our targets to ensure the great Splatter Bright Burt effect upon impact. Excellent for indoor or outdoor target practice, shooting competitions and concealed carry training.

High Strength Self Adhesive Targets - No glues or clips are required. Can stick on almost any the surfaces and perfect for all types of shooters.

Storage Reminder: In order to clearly show the shots point, the target surface coating can be peeled off. Do not touch the coating with hard objects to avoid scratches.

Take these to the gun club in my range bag and use them on the targets I hang, for additional aim points. Shoot a nice grouping or large hole in the target? Slap one of these on it and go again.

Nothing better than to play tic-tac-toe with these target, when shooting with a buddy, one using a 45m other using a 22 or 9mm and watch peoples faces when ya bring it in to the shooting bench.

Have probably given a third of these things away, at the range, to others who flip over all the ways they can be used. Have noticed more and more of these on full size targets, stacked on the used targets pile.

Used these at the range yesterday for 100 yard rifle practice and they worked great! Splatter coating makes spotting hits easy. Could see most hits just through the rifle scope, not needed to move to my spotting scope. Sticker backing also a big plus. It was a wet and rainy day and targets stayed put. Ordinarily I wouldn't buy splatter type targets because they are too expensive, but 250 targets for less than $20 is cheaper than any plain paper targets out there. Shipping was quick. Going to buy another roll just to make sure that I have plenty.

Do yourself a favor and pick up some 12x18 splash targets with a few 3x3 target areas and use these to replace the shot out spaces. You can not only see your target shots but you'll also be able to see how far off you are with a splash target behind this item.

extends the life of the bigger targets ... each block replaces base targets shot up holes.

You peel it, you stick it, you shoot it. What more do you want! Been shooting groups of 5 shoots at 25 yards in each little square. Tons of value here and the prefect size to cover old holes. Would buy again.