My expansion pits the horde alliance

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Imagine Warcraft's name. There's not much of wow tbc gold it either in vanilla or TBC. Straight up wars between alliance and horde apart from battlegrounds there isn't too much happening.

What would happen if Blizzard decided not to release TBC and instead launched an expansion that was based on the foundations built in vanilla? The foundations include neutral pvp zones as well as battlegrounds and a chat channel dubbed "LocalDefense" (I needed to log in since I did not know how the channel was named), factions and the list goes on.

My expansion pits the horde alliance , and the Horde. You battle for control over neutral zones in order to take over Azeroth. When you control a zone, you can access more quests and flight paths. There are quests available while fighting a specific zone to help your side regain control of that area. Instead of having to kill 10 raptors in order to reach maximum level, you are able to engage in the war. Once you have taken control of an area, you'll receive new quests that make sure you are in control. zones change based on the faction controlling it. Horde is controlling it? Alliance has two outposts and requires a gradual push forward. In the world, there is a pvp battle between NPCs and against each other and players. Securing ressource transportations to best price for wow classic tbc gold different zones and then protecting them from the enemies faction.